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Artificial Hair Transplant

Artificial Hair Transplant

HOS (Hair Only Solutions) is being done by naturally growing hair and artificial hair replacement. It is the latest technique, in which natural looking synthetic hairs are implanted in the scalp of a patient.

The artificial hair transplant option has become rather popular nowadays for those who are putting up with continuous hair drop especially men's. But before deciding on such treatment a person should have step-by-step data regarding such critical issue, for that he or she must consult some critical assistance with a physician having great experience in such operations. HOS will help you to get which hair transplant treatment would be suitable for you or perhaps you don't require a hair transplant surgery as your condition might be solved by proper medication. Do not look for inexpensive surgery but for efficient surgery trigger inexpensive surgery may cause adverse effects in your scalp. So it will be very important to consult with a competent physician who will help you in advising a suitable treatment.

  1. The artificial hair is prepared of nylon (polyamide).
  2. There is high risk of infection which can lead to loss of all artificial hair grafts.
  3. It has to be carefully protected beside heat, dirt, dust and rain, Repeated rubbing and handling can lead to fracture and loss of graft.
  4. We do not advocate artificial hair transplants.