Consultation By Email

If you are unable to attend our offices for a hair transplant consultation, you can receive a free online hair transplant consultation by submitting photographs that show the current state of your hair loss.

For a free online hair transplant consultation, please provide photos showing the following angles:

  • Front hairline
  • The top of your scalp
  • Left and right profile (side views including the eyebrows)
  • The back of the scalp - back and combed showing donor zone

Photo Guidelines
So that we can provide the most accurate assessment possible, please use the following hair transplant photo guidelines:

  • Submit digital photos or scanned print photos
  • Use bright, natural room lighting. Do not use a flash
  • Shoot from a distance of 3 - 5 feet
  • Ensure that the area you are shooting is in frame and in focus
  • Photos must not exceed 4MB (4,000kb) each. Please resize photos that exceed this limit.
  • Acceptable photo file types are jpg or jpeg.
  • If your photos exceed our size restrictions, Download PhotoResize800.exe (Windows only) and Save it to your desktop.

Please also send the answer the following questions at the time you send your email consult request and pictures: 

  • Your current age
  • When did you first notice hairloss
  • What is the current speed of your hairfall (rapid, moderate or slow)
  • Are you currently, or have you previously, taken any medicines to help stabilise your hairfall,
  • If you have used any medication, then what was the results
  • Have you ever had any previous hair restoration surgery, if yes, the details thereof
  • Do you have any major medical or surgical/ illness that we should know about?

You can also send us your phone number, our consultant doctor will contact you to solve your queries regarding hair loss.

Please do not compose a fresh email everytime you wish to ask a new query. Send your query as a reply back to our previous email. That way our doctors can keep track of the ongoing email conversation.