HOS is advanced in all aspects of hair transplantation and over the years it has produced a number of consistent results. It not only caters to the Indians but also to NRI’s and foreign nationals at an affordable price. It is not only a hair transplant clinic but a center that provides medical treatment to prevent hair loss that leads to baldness.

Consultation forms an important part of the hair transplant in India which is usually carried by three ways:

  • In person consultation
  • Consultation by email:
  • Free online consultation
It’s time to be yourself again so with consultation you get the information that you need. This is because we restore more than hair and help you to restore your self esteem and self confidence. One should understand that hair transplant surgery is not a one man show because it needs highly qualified doctors that keep abreast with the latest technology in hair transplant in India. This means that the surgical team should be well adept with implantation and dissection to give better results.

We understand that hair loss can be extremely distressing.  Our experts are there with at each stage of hair transplantation so that you know what technique is being carried out for you. To learn more about hair transplant in India visit our clinic.