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Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Have your eyebrows grow in form – no further tattooing, penciling, or pulling

Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Have you been experiencing Eyebrow hair loss? Or have they been broken as a result of over-plucking and maybe not rising the way you need them to? Choose the fastest, most typical and efficient solution – brow transplants! No more have you got to pay time penciling in your eyebrows, because HOS (Hair Only Solutions) can have them rising to the shape, angle and direction you desire.

Using the Ultra-Fine Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant process that's been developed by our chief surgeon, Dr. Rahul Verma, we are able to fit fine hair from your own scalp or body to your eyebrows. The follicles will likely then be implanted onto the particular places, giving you natural looking eyebrows that are positive to function as the jealousy of several! You can be confident of high-quality results, because Dr. Rahul Verma process indicates a higher graft survival rate and cosmetic result in comparison to typical FUE.

Design the perfect eyebrow through implants

Your eyebrows are certainly one of the most crucial features of your face. With the best shape, which may be easily reached through eyebrow transplantation, they could develop an ideal body for the face. They're also practical in:

  • Maintaining moisture out of your eyes
  • Preventing small things, such as for instance dust and dandruff from falling into your eyes
  • Treatment your eyes from the sunlight
  • Communicating ideas and expressions

Once our specialist is completed together with your eyebrow repair surgery you might have to steadfastly keep up them originally, with the casual cutting or preservation with eyebrow solution or wax. This is because the transplanted hair will grow to it natural length, as an example, if the hair follicle was extracted from your own knee, it'll grow to the normal knee hair length, which may be 4 times longer than your normal eyebrow hair length.

But once the hair follicles are nicely resolved in the site and you've fully recovered, you can begin enjoying beautiful eyebrows which will develop in the right form, direction and direction.