In Follicular Unit hair Transplantation (FUHT) a thin strip of hair is taken from the back and/or sides of the scalp and the area that area is closed with the help of sutures The hair from above the incision covers the area so that it is not visible. The donor strip is placed under a series of special dissecting microscopes where the individual follicular units, are carefully dissected into tiny grafts( 1 to 4 units). Once the recipient sites are made, the follicular unit grafts are carefully inserted into the scalp. The recipient site sizes are matched to the different size follicular unit grafts, so that a snug fit is created. This facilitates healing, enhances growth of the follicles and permits a very easy post-op course.


IFUE: In Individual Follicular Unit Extraction relatively large area in the back and sides of the scalp is shaved to approximately 1 mm in length. Instead of removing a single strip, as in FUHT, In this hair restoration procedure, a 1-mm punch is used to make a small circular incision in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit. Then these follicular units are extracted, one-by-one at a random pattern, directly from the scalp. The tiny wounds are small enough to be left open and heal on their own, which takes about a week.


In both the procedure, the hair transplant is visible for about a week. Some patients cover the area with their existing hair and others choose to wear a cap, when they are in public. Patients can resume normal daily activities the second day following their hair restoration surgery, although there are some restrictions on strenuous exercise, smoking and drinking. New hair regrowth starts to appear in 2 to 3 months and is generally complete in 10 to 12 months.


  • Differences between FUHT and IFUE techniques can be seen below:

    FUHT(Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation) IFUE(Individual Follicular Unit Extraction)
    • Grafts are extracted as a strip.
    • Grafts are extracted one by one.
    • There will be a 2 week of numbness on donor area.
    • There will be no numbness on the donor area.
    • Scalp only is the Donor area.
    • Scalp & body donor area graft can be transplanted.
    • Upto 4500 follicular units can be transplant in one session.
    • 800-1000 follicular units be transplant in one session.
    • Will be finalized in one session.
    • More than one session is required.
    • No need to shave before the operation.
    • Hair should be shaved before the operation.
    • Recipient area will heal with in 7-10 days.
    • Recipient area will heal with in 7-10 days.
    • A large team of 8 medical personel needed.
    • Could be completed with 4 medical personel.
    • Price is lower than IFUE.
    • Price is higher than FUHT.
    • Stitches procedure.
    • Stitches procedure.
    • No need to remove dissolved by itself within 2 weeks.
    • No need to remove dissolved by itself within 2 weeks.
    • Procedure can be done 2-3 time depending upon density/lexcity.
    • No post operative scalp