Hair Loss

It is true that hair loss can affect you both physically and psychologically. The most familiar type of hair loss is known as baldness. It is characterized by the state of where the person lacks hair growth due to various reasons. The most common being baldness which is a progressive hair thinning condition known as androgenic alopecia which is common in both men and women.

Do not worry because hair regrowth is possible at our hair restoration clinic.  There are many that do not know that a hair transplant surgery can save from an embarrassing situation. Usually two types of treatment are followed which are medical and surgical. 

The first one is effective as long as the patient is taking medicines but the results can reverse after the person ceases to take medicines. Some of the surgical treatment include FUE hair transplant, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT).

One should know that hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic surgery which is carried on both men and women that have significant hair loss, hair thinning and baldness where hair does not grow. This procedure can enhance your self confidence through various hair transplant techniques. Over the years HOS has been providing trusted service to its clients that are concerned about hair loss.