How To Schedule

You schedule an online consultation with Dr. Rahul Verma by emailing clear pictures of your areas of hair loss and donor areas to please remember to send pictures taken from different angles.

Pictures must contain....

  • Front hairline
  • The top of your scalp
  • Left and right profile (side views including the eyebrows)
  • The back of the scalp - back and combed showing donor zone

After completion of your consultation you will be required to book date for your procedure. The clinic will be able to inform the available dates by emails or by phone and you can do a tentative booking.

You need to send an advance fee for the confirmation of your unconfimed date within 7 working days from the date you performed your tentative booking. 

You will require the following for your trip to India.

(a) Visa 
(b) Passport 
(c) Airline tickets


You must apply for a visa in an Indian embassy to visit India

  • Uk
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Singapur
  • Other Countries

Airline Tickets
Following is some helpful links to arrange for your air ticket bookings.

  • Helpful links for booking Airline tickets

Hotel bookings
H.O.S clinic staff will help you with your hotel bookings and airport transfers. In case you need help with hotel bookings, airport transfers, please send your request to 

  • If you are planning a body hair transplant do remember to shave off the proposed body donor areas 6 to 7 days prior to your date of procedure.
  • If you have booked the dates for FUHT procedure, Please do not forget to perform scalp laxity exercise.
  • Please email the details of your flight as well as your hotel, 5 - 6 days before your date of arrival (
  • That way the clinic staff will help ensure that staff from either the hotel or the clinic is waiting at the airport, along with their taxi, to receive you.
  • They will take you to your booked hotel and the next day you can visit the clinic. Please let us know if you have any further queries.