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Hair Loss Treatment Noida
Hair Loss Treatment Noida


Hair loss is now a common problem. People who are suffering from this are always dreaming about their hairs that have gone. But now you can get your hair and confidence back. For Best and Permanent Hair fix an appointment with Hairs only Solution, A well recognized hair transplant clinic in Noida serving in this sector form last 15 years. Our best hair transplant surgeon Dr Rahul Verma is specialist of advanced hair transplantation techniques. Complete pain less, stitch less and scar less hair transplant surgery with fast and natural looking results. Just sit in a one session and walk away with superb hair. So doesn’t delay book you free consultation soon and get Hair Loss treatment in Noida at affordable prices.

Procedure of FUE ( Folic Follicular unit extraction) technique        

  1. First the Donor area is anaesthetized
  2. Micro surgical punch is used to isolates hair grafts
  3. Hair grafts are carefully removed from donor area
  4. Now recipient area is anaesthetized
  5. Micro surgical needles are used to create small incision in recipient area
  6. Hair graft from donor area is inserted into incision
  7. Completely cover the bald area with hair grafts
  8. Recipient area heals within seven days.

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Hair Transplantation in Delhi


A good news for those who suffering from male pattern baldness, they can get amazing results of Hair Transplantation in Delhi at affordable cost. Come to Dr Rahul Verma’s HOS Clinic and take free consultation for hair transplant. Most advanced FUE technique and experienced hands give you natural looking hair just in few hours treatment.  FUE  (Follicular unit extraction) is most successful technique of Japan used for hair restoration. Procedure of this technique is mush comfortable than other in this hair follicles are removed individually from the scalps donor area and then individually transplanted to the area of baldness. Hair follicles are removed using a precision tool and then place to the affected area of scalp.

Benefits of FUE  (Follicular unit extraction) technique

1 No linear scar & stitches are required

2 Quick recovery time

3 No need to visit surgeon again for stitch removal

4 Natural looking & permanent results

5 Graft preparation is minimal

6 Pain less and Comfortable


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Say GOOD BYE to Baldness with HOS, Hair’s Only Solution is the best hair transplant center in Delhi driven by Dr Rahul Verma specialist of hair transplantation surgeries for the cure of baldness. Today HOS is nationally recognized name in Hair Transplant clinic providing consistent world class results with top class specialties. International techniques like FUE and FUH of hair transplantation are used to give 100 percent success. Their painless and comfortable hair Implant procedure makes them special. Many patients are now enjoying their new hair and recommend HOS to others. After treatment you can see the results within 2 to 3 weeks and at HOS you can get aftercare tips for hair care. Your problem of baldness will be solved with guarantee. To book free scalp test please send your query and details via phone or email as per your convenience.

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Baldness solved in just one hour and restores your youth and confidence with the help of Pain Less Hair Transplantation in Delhi Visit to our Hair Transplant clinic and gets rid of Baldness. We are HOS (Hair’s only Solution) well known Hair Transplantation Clinic in Noida and Delhi. Free consultation of Hair Loss Treatment Noida is available with us. We give assurance of 100% satisfaction and 1200+ patients are enjoying their new hairs after treatment of Hair Transplant in Noida. We offer Best Hair Transplant in Delhi for both men and woman. For affordable Hair Transplant Delhi call us today.


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Painless FUE hair transplant in Noida by Hair’s only solution




No more Baldness now  get your younger look back with Hairs only solution, the pioneer Hair Transplant clinic in Noida. For Hair Transplantation with latest FUE/FTU technique please visit our Hair Transplantation Clinic. Get pain less, stitch less, Scar less, without cuts & Best Hair Transplant in Noida with us.  We are expert of Hair Loss Treatment Noida give service for both man and women.We are in Healthcare sector from more than 15 years. Thousands of fully satisfied patients are associated with us and enjoying their new hairs with happiness. Affordable Hair Transplant Surgery in Noida is offered by us.You can check Hair Transplant Cost in Noida from our website directly. We give 100% results guarantee otherwise money back. So call now to schedule your free scalp test.

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Is baldness become a horrible nightmare for you? Always feeling less confident & depressed due to baldness. Always rejected from girls & society due to your bald head. If your answer is yes then it’s time to change your appearance. Most of the bald peoples want to treat his her baldness with FUE hair transplant but due to very expensive technique it may accessible for only few peoples. Now no need to worry about high expense HOS hair clinic brings an incredible offer for you to regain your confidence & looks. HOS Hair clinic offers FUE hair transplant only Rs 15 per graft.

Baldness is the curse of this modern life style. Most of the people facing this problem in early ages of life span. It may be suffered in various way in any person’s life like marriage issue, lack of confidence, Depression, carrier issue etc. With the help of FUE Hair transplant treatment you can overcame these issue. HOS Hair Transplant Clinic has more than 15 years of experience in Hair Transplant domain & now we are offering FUE hair transplant at very affordable cost.

Results after FUE Hair Transplant

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What is the FUE Hair transplant technique & why it is secure & successful

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a strategy for separating, or “collecting,” benefactor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant methodology. In FUE hair transplant surgery, an instrument is utilized to make a little, round entry point in the skin around a follicular unit, isolating it from the encompassing tissue. The unit is then removed (pulled) straightforwardly from the scalp, leaving a little open opening.

This procedure is rehashed until the hair transplant specialist has sufficiently gathered follicular units for the arranged hair reclamation. This procedure can take one or more hours and in vast sessions, may be fulfilled more than two successive days. The benefactor wounds, pretty nearly 1-mm in size, totally mend throughout seven to ten days, leaving little white scars covered in the hair in the back and sides of the scalp.

This system for benefactor collecting, uprooting follicular units one-by-one specifically from the scalp, is the thing that separates the FUE hair transplant from a customary Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), where the contributor hair is expelled from the scalp in one dainty, long strip and afterward hence analyzed into individual follicular units utilizing a stereo-magnifying lens.

Prior to the unions are reaped, small “beneficiary locales” are made in the thinning up top zone of the scalp utilizing a fine needle-point instrument. The follicular units are then set into the beneficiary locales where they will develop into solid hair-creating follicles. The making of beneficiary destinations and the setting of follicular unit unions are basically the same in both FUE and FUT methodology. The distinction lies in the presence of the benefactor range and in the quality and amount of unions got with every method.


Stop thinking about your baldness & Visit HOS Hair transplant clinic to reclaim your hair.

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